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Fig. 2

From: Sex differences in contaminant concentrations of fish: a synthesis

Fig. 2

PCB concentration as a function of Hg concentration for both males (solid triangles) and females (hollow circles). Also shown are fitted regression lines for males (solid lines) and females (dashed lines). In each panel, the upper regression equation is for males (subscript m denotes males) and the lower regression equation is for females (subscript f denotes females). In each panel, the attained significance level, P, of the F test for determining whether the regression line for males is significantly different from the regression line for females is also shown. Data taken from (a) lake trout from Lake Ontario [8, 17]; (b) sea lamprey from Lake Huron [18, 23]; (c) burbot (ages 6–13) from Lake Erie [19, 22]; (d) burbot from Great Slave Lake [19, 24]; (e) lake whitefish from Lake Huron [20, 26]; and (f) summer flounder from New Jersey coast [21, 27]

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