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Fig. 2

From: Gene changes may minimize masculinizing and defeminizing influences of exposure to male cotwins in female callitrichine primates

Fig. 2

Amino acid changes resulting from nonsynonymous nucleotide substitutions in six genes with prominent roles in sexual differentiation. All substitutions are contrasted with predicted amino acids in the relevant genes from the squirrel monkey, Saimiri. Red = amino acid positions in which NSs were present in all callitrichine genera sampled. A single amino acid after the position number indicates the same substitution among all calltrichines; two or more amino acids after the position number indicates multiple residue substitutions in different callitrichine genera; black = substitutions in some, but not all, callitrichines; blue substitutions in all callitrichines except Callimico; green = amino acid residues specific to Callithrix. Protein regions are based on UniProt annotations. Further details on substitutions can be found in Additional file 3

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