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Table 1 Questions reviewers should consider when evaluating SABV

From: Evaluating sex as a biological variable in preclinical research: the devil in the details

Research approach for SABV

• Clarity of the research question.

• Clarity of rationale for the research approach and methodology.

• Appropriateness of the research design.

• Appropriateness of the research methods.

• Feasibility of the research approach.

• Anticipation of difficulties that may be encountered in the research and plans for management.

• Quality and appropriateness of SABV.

• Justification for a single-sex study.

• Evidence that the research question incorporates SABV.

• Potential for the research to add value to the current state of knowledge on a given topic that has potential to, but has not yet fully elucidated the impact of sex on biological mechanisms, pathophysiology or translational science.

Impact of research incorporating SABV

• Potential for a significant contribution to the improvement of women and men’s health, the health of boys and girls, or the health of gender-diverse persons.

• Appropriateness and adequacy of the proposed plan for knowledge dissemination and exchange.