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Table 1 Conserved Y chromosome genes found in rat

From: The phenotypic impact of the male-specific region of chromosome-Y in inbred mating: the role of genetic variants and gene duplications in multiple inbred rat strains

  Accession number Y chromosome SHR BAC Primary tissue expression in rat
EIF2S3Y GATN01000003.1 AC242953.5 Ubiquitous
ZFY GATN01000010.1 AC239865.4 Testis
USP9Y GATN01000001.1 AC242055.4 Testis
DDX3Y GATN01000002.1 AC242055.4 Ubiquitous
UTY GATN01000009.1 AC241873.4 Ubiquitous
UBE1Y EF690356.2 AC242953.5 Testis
KDM5D GATN01000004.1 AC242859.2 Ubiquitous
RBMY GATN01000006.1 AC239817.2 Testis
SRY Multiple AC239701.6 Ubiquitous