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Fig. 6

From: High-fat diet impairs spatial memory and hippocampal intrinsic excitability and sex-dependently alters circulating insulin and hippocampal insulin sensitivity

Fig. 6

Sex- and diet-dependent responses to bath application of 12.5 nM insulin in CA1 pyramidal neurons from male rats. a Averaged AHP traces are shown from CD (insulin-sensitive) neurons and HFD (insulin-insensitive) male neurons. b Bath application of insulin significantly reduced peak AHP amplitudes in CD but not HFD neurons. c AHP durations were significantly reduced in CD neurons, but not in HFD neurons. d While mAHP and sAHP measures were significantly reduced by insulin in neurons from CD rats, both mAHPs and sAHPs from HFD rats were insulin-insensitive. *p < 0.05

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