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Fig. 3

From: High-fat diet impairs spatial memory and hippocampal intrinsic excitability and sex-dependently alters circulating insulin and hippocampal insulin sensitivity

Fig. 3

Ventral CA1 pyramidal neurons showed sex- and diet-dependent differences in intrinsic excitability, here assessed as differences in post-burst AHPs (average traces from male (a) and female (d) neurons are shown). The HFD enhanced peak AHP amplitudes significantly in both males (b) and females (e), but did not significantly increase AHP duration in either sex. No sex differences were observed in measures of medium or slow AHPs from CA1 neurons of control-fed males (c) or females (f). The HFD significantly enhanced both mAHP and sAHP measures in males (c) and more profoundly enhanced mAHP and sAHP components in female neurons (f). **p < 0.01; ***p < 0.001

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