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Table 1 SCA phenotypes

From: Effects of sex chromosome dosage on corpus callosum morphology in supernumerary sex chromosome aneuploidies

Karyotype MRI measure Somatic phenotype Cognitive phenotype
47,XYY Increased GM/WM volume [57] Increased height Decreased IQ [14]
  Decreased insular and frontotemporal volume [57] Increased head circumference [1] Antisocial traits [14]
48,XXYY Enlarged ventricles Hypogonadism Developmental delays
  Diffuse WM abnormalities [21] Tall stature Learning disability
   Mild craniofacial dysmorphia [51] Decreased IQ [21]
47,XXY Decreased TBV [14] Hypogonadism Decreased IQ
  Increased ventricular volume [13] Tall stature Higher incidence of schizoid personality traits [1]
  WM hyperintensities [14] Testicular scarring  
  Decreased fractional anisotropy [15] Low testosterone [1]  
  Decreased GM volume [52]   
48,XXXY Decreased WM/GM [1] Tall stature Decreased IQ
   Decreased testicular volume Irritability
   Facial dysmorphism [51] Passivity [20]
49,XXXXY Decreased TBV Decreased height [51] Severe developmental delays [22]
  WM lesions [22] Mild craniofacial abnormalities [22]  
47,XXX Decreased TBV [14] Increased height [1] Anxiety and impulsivity [22]
   Radio-ulnar synostosis Decreased IQ [14]