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Figure 5

From: Estrogen receptor beta and truncated variants enhance the expression of transfected MMP-1 promoter constructs in response to specific mechanical loading

Figure 5

Classic functional domains and effect of N-terminal ERβ variants. (A) Classic functional domains of estrogen receptors (ER). (B) Effect of N-terminal truncated ERβ variants on MMP-1 promoter activity. AF-1 and AF-2 are activation function regions, DBD is the DNA binding domain, and LBD is the ligand binding domain. ERβ ABCDE and ERβ ABCD are truncated variants lacking the F and E + F domains, respectively. HIG-82 cells were transfected with 1G or 2G promoter-luciferase reporter plasmids ± co-transfection with ER-β variant expression plasmids then exposed to 8 hs intermittent pulsatile 0.8–10 dynes/cm2 0.5 Hz fluid flow-induced shear stress in a Flexcell Streamer apparatus. MMP-1 promoter activity reported relative to ER negative, unloaded control 1G promoter activity. (n = 9 except 2G ER-β ABCD n = 6, *p < 0.05 wrt WT ER-β, †p < 0.05 wrt matching 1G variant).

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