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Figure 4 | Biology of Sex Differences

Figure 4

From: Effects of age and sex on cerebrovascular function in the rat middle cerebral artery

Figure 4

Basal and VP-stimulated release of TXB 2 by MCA segments. Mature multigravid adult (MA, 4?6 months) female (MA F) or age-matched male rats (MA M) and reproductively senescent (RS, 10?12 months) female (RS F) or age-matched male rats (RS M). Data points represent means???SE (n?=?6 rats/group). (a-c) 0.0001???P???0.003, mean values within groups (MA F, MA M, RS F, RS M) without common superscript are significantly different. (*, #) 0.0001???P???0.003 mean values between groups (MA F vs. MA M vs. RS F vs. RS M) with different superscripts are significantly different.

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