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Table 4 Genes upregulated in male pupal heads are associated with ion transport

From: Examination of the genetic basis for sexual dimorphism in the Aedes aegypti (dengue vector mosquito) pupal brain

Gene Description Expression
AAEL001123 Hypothetical protein 10.6
AAEL001198 Sodium/solute symporter 2.3
AAEL001646 Kir3 inward-rectifying potassium channel 2.1
AAEL002299 High affinity copper transporter 2.1
AAEL004664 Hypothetical protein 2.0
AAEL004919 Hypothetical protein 3.5
AAEL005014 Transient receptor potential channel 2.0
AAEL007770 Voltage and ligand gated potassium channel 2.3
AAEL008338 Ion channel NompC 2.5
AAEL009813 Glutamate receptor 7 2.0
AAEL009856 Sodium/dicarboxylate cotransporter 3.0
AAEL011109 Hypothetical protein 3.3
AAEL011679 Ion channel NompC 2.7
AAEL015091 Hypothetical protein 3.3
  1. KEGG pathway analyses indicated that ion transport is the most represented pathway corresponding to DETs upregulated in male pupal heads. The gene numbers, descriptions, and log2 fold change with respect to females is indicated for each ion transport-related gene.