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Table 3 Testosterone-driven methylation changes at several genes are maintained into adulthood

From: The effects of perinatal testosterone exposure on the DNA methylome of the mouse brain are late-emerging

 Gene symbol Δ Me at PN4 Fragment coordinate at PN4 Δ Me at PN60 Fragment coordinate at PN60 Associated genomic features
  4921515J06Rik 0.22 chr3:108742959-108743236 −0.13 chr3:108742959-108743236 X X X
  Taf4b −0.11 chr18:15048075-15048318 −0.1 chr18:15048075-15048318   X  
  F8a −0.1 chrX:70473904-70474128 −0.13 chrX:70474305-70474419   X X
  Fmr1 −0.1 chrX:65932427-65932537 −0.11 chrX:65932427-65932537   X X
  Kcnq1 0.28 chr7:150455734-150456023 −0.14 chr7:150481372-150481523   X X
  Rbbp7 −0.23 chrX:159198854-159199070 −0.12 chrX:159198688-159198839 X X X
  Sox3 −0.11 chrX:58145676-58145842 −0.11 chrX:58146499-58146619 X X X
  Dab1 −0.1 chr4:104298501-104298709 −0.11 chr4:104275571-104275789   X  
  Nnat −0.13 chr2:157385832-157386011 −0.12 chr2:157386045-157386214 X X X
  Arid3b −0.19 chr9:57685767-57685957 −0.11 chr9:57685767-57685957 X   
  Grip1 −0.21 chr10:119402892-119403155 −0.12 chr10:119402892-119403155   X X
  Lonrf3 −0.1 chrX:33868422-33868652 −0.12 chrX:33869078-33869231 X X X
  Clybl −0.15 chr14:122662639-122662815 −0.12 chr14:122629995-122630146   X  
  Sorcs2 −0.13 chr5:36720053-36720329 −0.12 chr5:36511861-36512058   X  
  2610018G03Rik −0.11 chrX:48194982-48195124 −0.12 chrX:48194982-48195124   X X
  Rap2c −0.17 chrX:48370998-48371218 −0.12 chrX:48370998-48371218 X X X
  Fndc3b 0.12 chr3:27382887-27383015 −0.21 chr3:27368716-27368995   X  
  Ubash3b −0.12 chr9:40872064-40872268 −0.14 chr9:40872064-40872268   X  
  Foxk1 −0.25 chr5:142921051-142921281 −0.27 chr5:142921051-142921281   X  
  Igfbp7 −0.13 chr5:77809526-77809779 −0.21 chr5:77786342-77786589   X  
  Odz3 −0.11 chr8:49626485-49626755 0.12 chr8:49395012-49395267   X  
  Emd −0.13 chrX:71500275-71500386 −0.11 chrX:71500067-71500242 X X X
  Herc3 −0.12 chr6:58856760-58856872 −0.12 chr6:58856760-58856872 X X X
  Commd1 −0.16 chr11:22873668-22873935 −0.12 chr11:22872579-22872758 X X X
  Bcor −0.14 chrX:11715730-11715985 −0.11 chrX:11703662-11703859   X  
  Nap1l5 −0.12 chr6:58856760-58856872 −0.12 chr6:58856760-58856872 X X X
  Gpr179 −0.14 chr11:97193837-97194108 −0.11 chr11:97197795-97197992   X  
  Zrsr1 −0.16 chr11:22873668-22873935 −0.12 chr11:22872579-22872758 X X X
  Lonrf3 −0.12 chrX:33868422-33868652 −0.1 chrX:33869078-33869231 X X X
  Sdk1 −0.13 chr5:142590169-142590448 0.12 chr5:142312410-142312648   X  
  1. Differential CpG methylation values between XX and XX + T at PN4 and PN60 are shown. Negative delta methylation indicates higher methylation in XX + T. Genomic features associated with the differentially methylated region are indicated by the last three columns. An ‘X’ indicates that the fragment overlaps with a feature (Prom promoter, GB gene body, CGI CpG island).