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Figure 5

From: The effects of perinatal testosterone exposure on the DNA methylome of the mouse brain are late-emerging

Figure 5

RNA samples cluster based on age and brain region differences. (a) Dendrogram representing hierarchical clustering of samples based on 1-Pearson correlation of the genome-wide expression profiles. Red values are approximately unbiased (AU) p values, and green values are bootstrap probability (BP) values. Values on the edges of the dendrogram are p values (%). Samples tended to cluster by age (PN4/PN60) and brain region (striatum/BNST/POA). (b) p value distributions of comparison groups that demonstrated a significant differential expression signal (PN4 XX vs. XY BNST/POA and PN60 XX vs. XX + T striatum). (c) Each bar plot represents the log2 fold changes in gene expression of the top 20 upregulated and downregulated probe sets. For each plot the relative gene expression fold changes are shown for the XY or XX + T relative to the XX. Positive fold change values represent increased expression in XY or XX + T relative to XX mice.

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