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Figure 5 | Biology of Sex Differences

Figure 5

From: Sex-specific risk of cardiovascular disease and cognitive decline: pregnancy and menopause

Figure 5

Sex differences in cerebral vasodilatory capacity, after accounting for baseline cerebral blood flow velocity and mean arterial pressure, in men and women between 55-75 years of age (average 65 years; unpublished data provided by Jill Barnes, an author of this review). The cerebrovascular responses to hypercapnia in age matched men (n = 6) and women (n = 6) are shown during control conditions (left panel) and during cyclooxygenase inhibition of vasodilating prostaglandins (right panel). Cyclooxygenase inhibition reduced the vasodilatory capacity (as area under the response curve, AU) only in older women (*p < 0.05). Data are mean ± SE.

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