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Figure 2 | Biology of Sex Differences

Figure 2

From: The Sex Chromosome Trisomy mouse model of XXY and XYY: metabolism and motor performance

Figure 2

Body weight and composition just before gonadectomy. (A) Gonadal males were about 25% heavier than gonadal females (F(1,86) = 42.09, *p < 0.000001, overall ANOVA). In pairwise tests, XY mice weighed 13% less than XXY regardless of gonadal type (F(1,51) = 6.65, *p = 0.013). (B) Gonadal males had about 32% more body fat as percentage of body weight compared to gonadal females (F(1,86) = 6.05, *p = 0.015, overall ANOVA). In pairwise comparisons, XY had about 24% less body fat as percentage of body weight than XXY irrespective of gonadal sex (F(1,51) = 4.74, *p = 0.034). (C) Lean mass as percentage of body weight was unaffected by sex or sex chromosome complement. F gonadal females, M gonadal male. Values are mean ± SEM.

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