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Figure 5 | Biology of Sex Differences

Figure 5

From: Sex differences in kidney gene expression during the life cycle of F344 rats

Figure 5

Individual gene expression profiles exhibiting notable sex differences. Genes encoding Slco1a1, Slc22a7, Abcb1b, Cyp1a1, Cyp2c11, Gstm1, Mmp7, Dhrs7, and Adh6 exhibit notable sex differences in life cycle gene expression in the rat kidney. Relative fold changes (microarray data) are plotted; error bars represent SEM, n = 4 or 5. Females and males are indicated by dashed and solid lines, respectively. Averaged expression levels (normalized fluorescence intensities) across all age groups and in both sexes are reported for each gene and have been scaled to equal 1 in the plots.

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