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Figure 7 | Biology of Sex Differences

Figure 7

From: Sex chromosome complement contributes to sex differences in coxsackievirus B3 but not influenza A virus pathogenesis

Figure 7

Morbidity and mortality from influenza A virus (IAV) infection in four core genotype (FCG) mice. Average (± SEM) change in body mass (a) and rectal temperature (b) from baseline (that is, day 0) in Gdx XXF, XYF, XXM, and XYM mice following inoculation with 102 50% tissue culture infective dose (TCID50) of mouse-adapted IAV, A/Puerto Rico/8/1934 (PR8). The proportion of mice surviving PR8 infection during the 21 days post inoculation is shown in (c) and the average day of death for FCG mice following inoculation with PR8 in (d). Each group consisted of 6-9 mice run in a series of 2 replications.

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